Wednesday, January 26, 2011

New (Old) music for the new year

After some thought, I decided to share a collection of guitar improvisations that I was experimenting with back in 2009. Some of these where used here and there, mostly on When We Last Met In Slumber. They are free formed and not very demanding on the ears.

I find them highly listenable but make no mistake...these are raw recordings and here and there warts come through. I think these experiments were a great help to broadening my aural "pallet" and still retaining that minimalism that Olifaunt is known for.

The Guitar Improvisations 2009

I hope you enjoy them.

Props from Vuzh Music!

C. Reider has listed Innocent Of The Smoke And Noise as one of his favorite releases for 2010! The list has some great releases on it too and are all (but one) free to download. Check them out you won't be sorry!

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Olifaunt on Ultima Thule!

Olifaunt was one of three artists to be featured on the long-running Australian ambient music show Ultima Thule!
Ultima Thule broadcasts every Sunday evening (Sydney time) at 22:30. The show can be heard from stations in Canberra, Adelaide and Sydney (where it originates) as well as satellite radio and the internet. I urge you to go to UT's website an...d down load some past shows (the show last night was #840 and as of yet not in the archives).
I was very excited to hear from George, who started the show 20 years ago. He was very enthusiastic for which I am enormously grateful.
Check out the website at:

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Innocent Of The Smoke And Noise

Wow...I really don't post here as much as I should. I mean really, nothing since Feb? Sorry about that.

Anywho, Olifaunt has a new album out. It's called Innocent Of The Smoke And Noise. There are almost melodies and more drone than you could shake a string at.

It can be downloaded for free at:

Internet Archive

If you would like to join Olifaunt on Facebook, just click here

Thanks folks!

Friday, February 19, 2010

I have just uploaded a new song to the IA and The song is called "The Visitor That Stayed(For Tori)" and is part of the upcoming Olifaunt collection Innocent Of The Smoke And Noise.

The song is made up of guitar, guitar synths and synths and is an indication of the new direction I'm wanting to take keep the drone ethic, but also a move towrds more dynamic ambient music.
This song is dedicated to Tori The Cat

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Online Radio

Olifaunt has been getting some airplay on at least two internet radio stations! It has been featured on a couple of shows at, most notably Kite Radio with Stephen Phillips and Mysterious Semblance with Tange.
Meanwhile, at, Olifaunt is part of the rotation and "This Summer Night" was heard most recently at The Drone Zone.
I truly appreciate the support from both stations. If you are a fan of Ambient/Drone music (and you must be if you are here!) I enthusiastically recommend both of these stations which are 24/7/365 and free. If you like what you hear, think about donating.....these are great resources for expanding one's consciousness (or unconsciousness) for this genre.

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

When We Last Met In Slumber

Olifaunt's fourth album is now available for free download at the usually suspicious places.

When We Last Met In Slumber is a little bit of both taking a step ahead as well as a step back for Olifaunt. The drones are the same, but the palette of instruments is slowly growing beyond the field recordings. That being said, one of the tracks (I'll let you guess which one) is essentially just one recorded sound with lots of stuff being done to it. It's fun!


Let me know what you think!